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These work the old school way. I used these patches a few years ago and loved them as a good alternative to botox or anything with chemicals. Recently, I've been noticing terrible lines between my eyes, so I decided to start using them again. They work best for forehead lines though. They are very straight forward. They stop you from making the repetitive motions, like scrunching or squeezing facial muscles that cause wrinkles. The patch basically tightens up the area that it's applied to.

You should wear them when you sleep or just hanging around the house for a few hours. The consistency almost feels like construction paper. You just wet the patch and stick them over the area you want to stop from moving and they smooth the appearance of expression lines. You can use the Frownies Rose Water Spray to apply them, but water works just as well. I can't believe they have been around since 1886! They are paraban, polysorbate, disodium edta, sodium laureth, lauryl sulfate, phthalates, and fragrance free. 

Non- Toxic Skin Care & Clean Beauty

Skin care & Pregnancy 


If you saw my makeup post then you know I'm all about all natural skincare. I always check for parabens and phthalates among other things. Though this started during my first pregnancy, it's now something I stick to, pregnant or not. My go-to skincare one stop shop is, Follain. It's the equivalent to Sephora minus all of the chemicals. Follain is somewhere you can shop with 100% confidence that you are getting products that will help, not hurt you. I suffer from slight redness and the occasional breakout but other than those two issues, I have normal skin. Check out my skincare routine below. 


I've tried so many makeup removers but they all seem to strip my skin. I stopped using wipes and now only use cleansing oil. You can find it HERE    


I use different cleansers each day depending on how my skin is acting. I have four I alternate among. 

1) To get a squeaky clean feel, I use this awesome charcoal bar; you can find it HERE . If you workout everyday this is a great post workout cleanser and this is for YOU! 

2) When my skin is acting sensitive, this is my cleanser. This cleanser is gentle enough for babies. Its ingredients include natural grain-based witch hazel combined with healing lavender and geranium to deliver squeaky clean skin without stripping or irritation. You can find it HERE. If you have sensitive skin, this cleanser is for YOU!

3) There are days where that "pregnancy glow" is a distant memory, when your skin is so dull that you need an instant pick me up. You need a brightening cleanser. If that's you, then you can find it HERE . If you have dull skin then this is for YOU!

4) This Osea mud cleanser does wonders for oily or acne prone skin. This potion includes organic algae masquerading as mud and delivers immediate relief. The result is clean, tingling skin, ready to work its way back to balance. If oil or acne is your problem you can find it, HERE If you have acne prone or oily skin then this is for YOU!


If you suffer from redness or skin that gets irritated easily this Organic soothing Gel soothes & calms skin. It works wonders. You can find it, HERE


Out of all the products, the Hannes Dottir Mineral Mist is a favorite. All I know is when I spray this baby on,  I'm left with smooth and glowing skin. I was never a person that used toners until I found this product. It is a MUST have. You can find it HERE. 


I love this serum. Its very versatile and works for any skin type. While it reduces lines and redness, it's even gentle enough for fine lines in the sensitive undereye area. The nutrients in this product leave your skin radiating. You can find it HERE  


If you choose to use an under eye specific repair serum I like La Bella Figura. It's a little $$$ but check it out. You can find it, HERE


 I like a very lightweight moisturizer. When I'm breaking out, I use Osea Blemish Balm Moisturizer. You can find it HERE

For all other days, I use  the Osea Atmosphere Protection cream which is also lightweight. It shields skin from youth-robbing free radicals. You can find it HERE 


The indie Lee facial cream. You can find it HERE