There's nothing like feeling comfortable and still looking somewhat put together. The topic is workout gear and the question is did she actually workout? No on will know if you worked out or just threw on a cute athletic outfit to get through the day. I call this look my mom uniform because it's pretty much what I live in when I'm not working and this trend in my life started right after I had Charlie. I didn't actually find my go-to brand, Zella, until recently and I'm hooked. I stocked up on a few pieces that I really loved for our recent trip to Sedona, which are all linked below. I also included maternity options! 

Now lets talk about my new love, Zella. I'm hooked. Zella is sold at Nordstrom and after doing some digging I came across some interesting information. Libby Vance, a former Lululemon Product Manager, took a Creative Director position at Nordstrom to help create the Zella brand. You will find some similarities between Zella and Lulu, but I would choose Zella over Lulu any day of the week. Zella has the same quality as Lululemon but at a much better price point. 





If you have a healthy pregnancy then flying anytime before you hit 37 weeks is completely safe. If you are traveling later in your pregnancy always check your specific airlines policy regarding flying while pregnant. I've been on two very long flights at 6 months pregnant and I highly recommend traveling during the second trimester. With the days of morning sickness and exhaustion hopefully behind you and a new found energy before the third trimester lull, it really is the perfect time for travel. 



DO get a seat at the front of the plane because there is better air circulation (preferably an aisle seat making it easier for those bathroom runs) 

DO get up and walk around every hour to help with the heightened chance of blood clots during pregnancy. 

DO make small movements with your feet and legs while seated to help with blood circulation

DO wear compression stockings which work WONDERS when is comes to combating the nasty side effects of pregnancy. Compression stockings can fight the effects of being inactive, helping your legs stay healthy and lessening the chances of varicose veins, DVT and swelling. They also will improve your comfort levels drastically. 

DO drink plenty of water


AVOID carbonated beverages and anything that can cause excess gas to build up in your stomach both before and during the flight. I made this mistake while pregnant with both seltzer and broccoli, I was in complete discomfort the entire flight. To be safe avoid all foods that encourage intestinal expansion, as the nature of the pressurized airplane cabin promotes further bloating which is heightened while pregnant. This isn't limited to but includes, fried and super-saturated dishes, and even healthy foods such as onions, cauliflower, cabbage, beans, lentils, broccoli, apples, and kale. 

AVOID tight fitted clothing. I highly recommend sticking to loose fitting or clothing with stretch when flying while pregnant. Even if you are in the second trimester and still squeezing into your non-maternity skinny jeans this might not be the case as you reach a high elevation and your stomach begins to expand. Stick to leggings or joggers and a tunic when in the air. There are enough options these days, you can still look cute while being comfortable. 

AVOID uncomfortable shoes. There is an increased chance of swelling to the legs, feet and ankles while traveling when pregnant. This can be especially heightened when traveling to warm climates.For these reasons opt for comfortable footwear that can expand with your feet if they decide to swell. 

**I figured I would spread the word to help other mothers thinking about flying while pregnant. During my first pregnancy I flew from NY to LA while 6 months pregnant with my skinny jeans (that already didn't fit) unbuttoned in extreme discomfort from the seltzer water I drank before take off. 


Though the Transportation Safety Administration says it’s safe for all travelers, including pregnant passengers, to go through the agency’s Advanced Imaging Technology and metal detector systems as they do not use x-rays but non-ionizing electromagnetic waves to produce an image I personally always opt for a pat down. 


Here is the Anthropologie Two Toned Shawl vest that is sold out BUT available in select stores. The store in Greenwich, CT has a few left. STYLE #44627073






We had our first snowfall in Connecticut and waking up felt like Christmas morning. I wanted to share a classic piece I've been wearing all fall and winter that seems to go with everything. From a casual lunch with friends to an extra layer of warmth I throw over my jacket on a snowy day, its very versatile.  

Things any mama can get behind:

1. It's on sale

2. Two in one....yup, it's reversible!

3. Pretty much the coziest material out there

4. Doubles as a blanket


Other Honorable Mentions


I waited ten years before I found a pair of Hunter boots I wanted to buy. I didn't like how flimsy the material was on the classic Hunter rain  boot. For the hefty price tag I thought the boots should be sturdier. Then I found the perfect Hunter boot, Women's Norris Field Neoprene Lined Rain Boots.

Differences between this boot and the classic Hunter boot

  1. The Norris Field boot is made for sustained use on varied terrain
  2. The material is 3mm neoprene-lined rubber offering enhanced resistance against cold weather
  3. The boot Forms an insulating barrier and the neoprene lining safeguards against windy conditions.
  4. made from a new soft rubber compound that maintains strength, while being flexible to allow ease of movement.
  5. other details, the boot has a weatherproof buckle with a webbing strap, a robust heel and high-traction zigzag tread.




    I've always been a passionate supporter of small businesses and try to shop local whenever possible, especially when searching for the perfect hostess gift or holiday present. With so much changing in our small towns, and small local shops closing their doors, it's more important than ever to shop small this holiday season. I think there is something special about knowing the story and the person behind the brand and store from which you are buying. The only thing just as important to me as shopping local is shopping at businesses that give back. 

    There are so many benefits to shopping small and keeping it local but here are just a few:

    1. It improves the local economy
    2. Shopping at one local business helps other local businesses 
    3. Having unique shops keeps your community unique 
    4. Better customer service
    5. More personalized attention
    6. You will help create jobs in the community 
    7. It feels good 

    American Express founded Small Business Saturday in 2010, giving small businesses and brick-and-mortar stores across the country a day of their own. 2017 marks the sixth year for small business Saturday. Keep it local, shop small and enjoy your Saturday!


    The Fred Shop

    The Fred Shop is a women's boutique that feature brands such as Milly, Vince, Joie, Rebecca Taylor and much more. From a casual outfit for running around Greenwich on a Saturday morning to a night out in NYC, Fred has you covered. With the combined professional experience of owners Kelley Frey and Shereen Koshnoodi, there's not a piece in the store you could go wrong with. This power duo not only has extensive diverse fashion backgrounds but are both local moms. Stop by at The Fred Shop in Old Greenwich this Saturday to get your outfits ready for the holiday season.


    The Perfect Provenance

    The Perfect Provenance is an art inspired, luxury lifestyle store & café located off of Greenwich Ave. The Perfect Provenance, which means -- a place of origin; especially that of a work of art or archaeological specimen – seeks to find museum quality artisan products from around the world.  The store hosts four to five exhibitions per year.  The exhibitions inspire the entire retail experience including art, books, fashion, home, food, accessories, fragrance and more. The Perfect Provenance’s mission is to bring the best of the museum experience to a retail environment and the best of retail experience to their exhibitions. Luxury and nonprofit public relations executive, Lisa Lori and local mother of three, started the Perfect Provenance in 2016. This space is the future of retail. You can enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner while crossing names off your list all in one cozy space. 

    The Perfect Provenance also carries their own signature collection of products called The Smile Collection to benefit Operation Smile. Since 2010, Lori's family has raised more than $2 million to support Operation Smile through events, the Three Little Bears initiative, and through the Smile Collection products which are available at The Perfect Provenance.



    Back 40 Mercantile 

    The Back 40 Mercantile is a modern interpretation of an old fashioned country store. If you aren’t quite sure what that means, stop by and sample the best ginger cookie you have ever tasted, which will take you back to the days when New England farmers traded maple syrup for pottery. The four founders have common, and yet diverse passions, all of which are displayed in the Back40 Mercantile. The “common” is found in the commitment to excellence. Product by product,  it has to be the best in its class. The “diverse” is found in each corner of the store, be it an oil painting by Eric Sloane, a book by Tracy Kidder or perhaps a hand made necklace from a woman who makes her jewelry in her kitchen, and not to mention the  best mac-n-cheese (organic of course) you’ll ever taste. You can get lost walking around looking at all of the beautiful goods. Stop by this season to find some very thoughtful gifts that anyone on your list would love. The Back 40 Mercantile believes that giving back to both the local community and the broader world is both a responsibility and a privilege. The Back 40 Farm Group donates fresh produce to Neighbor to Neighbor here in Greenwich which serves more than 400 families as a nutritional food bank. They also pledged 10% of all profits to benefit the Partners In Health Food Security Program working in both Haiti and Rwanda.




    Roscoe and Tory Brown are the brother-sister duo behind the Two Oh Three. Their story began about three years ago as lifelong enthusiasts of ‘The 203’. They found that they were becoming frustrated that despite all of their love for Connecticut, there wasn’t an easy way to express this pride. As a result of this frustration, they decided to launch their small lifestyle brand in the summer of 2014. They created a tee shirt that would give customers a tangible way to show their pride for their community. One shirt led to two, and before they knew it, they had developed an entire line of ‘203 Gear’. With their gear in hand,  they drove up and down the Connecticut coast traveling to different markets and shops in an effort to spread their mission. From there, THE TWO OH THREE brand was born. If you have anyone on your list this holiday season that share this love for Connecticut, a piece from THE TWO OH THREE gear would be the perfect gift. From infant zip ups and baseball hats to picnic blankets and joggers, they have something for everyone. THE TWO OH THREE is also very involved in the community. From sponsored community days at the beach to glove giveaways at the local homeless shelters, they try and work as a resource for those who want to help give back.



    Dudley Stephens

    Co-founders Kaki Mcgrath and Lauren Stephens created the idea for Dudly Stephens when endlessly searching for fleece that could be used in a fashionable way. Growing up in New England towns they lived in fleece jackets year round. "Fleece was the perfect solution for warmth and comfort, while being easy to wash, environmentally friendly and stylish." Dudley Stephens designs and creates stylish silhouettes using fleece fabric that are comfortable, easy to wear, and that look and feel good. Kaki and Lauren are both local moms and as a team they have a wealth of experience in both the fashion and marketing world. All Dudley Stephens styles are made in the U.S.A. using recycled fleece fabric. Dudley Stephens is proud to partner with books for kids, an organization focused on promoting literacy among all children with a special emphasis on low-income and at-risk preschool aged children. By partnering with books for kids, Dudley Stephens is joining the cause to help "change the narrative" for thousands of children as #dsgoods donates a portion of sales every year to books for kids and participates in other activities throughout the year to further their mission. This week Dudley Stephens is offering 10% off and donating 10% of sales to Book for Kids, use code BOOKSFORKIDS. If you have a female on your holiday list of any age, a Dudley Stephens piece would be the perfect gift.





    LAYERING FOR COLD WEATHER In the perfect gift



    When I find a brand I love, I want to shout it from the mountain tops. Good thing I started a blog. In all seriousness, I stumbled upon the brand FatFace this summer while in Newport, RI., and I fell in love with one of their staple pieces. The FatFace Airlie Sweatshirt is a purchase you will still be wearing in ten years, I'm not kidding. This pullover is produced using industrial strength sewing machines which are needed for its heavy pique fabric. Very few factories in the world can make it making it truly a unique piece. It's made from a very tough material that is never going to stretch or wear. When I purchased the sweatshirt I'm wearing,  FatFace did not have a women's line. I'm wearing a mens SMALL. FatFace just released a women's line with one print. The men’s style has a boxier fit, but either can work! This would also be the perfect gift for any man in your life. I wish you could feel the quality of the fabric. Another bonus is it's 100% cotton and can be worn all year long.  

    Mrs. Nipple tips for layering pieces:

    Try and stay in the same color family if you are mixing prints

    Mix many different materials and textures, don't just stick to one

    Don't wear anything too bulky, if you do, keep it to one piece, preferably the last piece 

    Have fun with it! 

    Things I can get behind: 

    1. A quality piece that will last for years under $100
    2. Layers. Am I the only one that thinks about Shrek everytime I say layers?
    3. Barbour and spending money on traditional pieces that will never go out of style
    4. Stripes year round
    5. Finding the perfect gift for someone


    A few more tips around layering from the one and only Lauren Conrad, which if you were born around 1985 you know her as LC. Find her tips HERE

    There are slight changes between styles, some have pockets and some do not. The men's line has a patch detail over the elbow. 

    Link for the FatFace men's Airlie pullover is HERE & the women's Airlie pullover is HERE





    I love a dress I can wear for those day time events. This is my favorite casual dress this fall. There are button details down the center, long full sleeves, a flared skirt and side pockets. Yes, added bonus, there are pockets! The floral print fabric includes some embroidered pieces as well. At $49.99, it's a steal. Oh goodness, I just sounded like my mother. shop dress HERE

    Things I can get behind:

    1. The super soft neutral vest 
    2. OTK casual boots
    3. You can wear this look as a dress or top 
    4. A dress you can eat too much turkey in 
    5. eating too much turkey 




    This is a great turkey day look that won't break the bank. When looking for thanksgiving day outfits I keep 2 things in mind, comfort and comfort. When I think of comfort I think of stretch, especially in the stomach region. This outfit meets that crateria. 

    Things I can get behind: 

    1. The two piece look means you can make multiple outfits out of each piece
    2. The very soft fabric
    3. There is a white version 
    4. Being able to be comfortable while looking chic 
    5. Turkey trots 


    The two piece comes in: grey, mustard, white, black SHOP HERE





    The Sunday Best Veronica Dress from Aritzia is beautiful as a stand alone piece, but check it out dressed both up & down below.

    The dress is linked HERE

    Look #ONE:

    This vest is a Large and a must have

    You can never go wrong with Frye boots

    I love babies in black, charlie's sweater is linked HERE


    Look #TWO: 

    My Ann Taylor boots are seven years old and still a favorite (linked similar below) 

    This suede moto jacket goes well with anything and comes in many different colors 



    News alert, telling your baby to keep their shoes on doesn't work, but I'm sure I didn't have to tell you that. There are so many cute options for baby shoes and as much as I would love to think they are all great, they aren't. As you can see from the photos below, Hunter boots on a one year old are not going to keep your child's feet dry. How adorable are they though?! I've rounded up my top picks for baby shoes that stay on.

    Thoughts before purchasing:

    What keeps them on? I found both velcro and elastic work best 

    What stage is your baby in? Walking vs. crawling

    How heavy are the shoes? If your child is starting to walk make sure their shoes are not cumbersome.

    Now that Charlie is close to walking, he's been wearing moccasins, especially while inside. They are soft but give him enough support to help with balance. Freshly picked moccasins are expensive, but they really do stay on. Charlie can go down a jumpy house slide 20 times without a problem.

    Final thoughts from Dr. Jay:

    "In determining the most appropriate shoes for your child, it is important to consider one which promotes good balance and posture along with comfort. Freshly Picked soft soled moccasins can help your baby’s feet absorb shock and potentially transmit less shock to the foot, leg and back.  In addition, Freshly Picked soft soled moccasins help your baby support his feet, which may provide ankle and arch support without being overly restrictive or uncomfortable." Dr. Jay Jagannathan, neurosurgeon

    I included the Hanna Andersson socks because they were the only things that stayed on Charlie's feet from 0-3 months. For cold weather outings early on, Zutano Baby booties do the job. The Stan Smiths are great for crawling and never fall off. Converse work well, they have velcro and are light. When your baby begins to show signs of walking my top pick is the Freshly Picked moccasins. 

    Other things I can get behind:

    1. A cute graphic tee paired with a soft sweater or scarf
    2. These high waisted jeans which are, oh so comfortable
    3. A great monogram, compliments of Monograms off Madison 
    4. A warm baby jacket that is not bulky 
    5. Red heads 
    IMG_9935 (1).JPG
    IMG_9938 (1).JPG



    Fall is finally here!! I hope it stays a while but I have a feeling it's going to be gone before we know it. I think these are the perfect fall outfits for a day to night look. This might be the coziest sweater I own and I absolutely LOVE the material. The sweater is made from a super soft + fuzzy knit in an ultra-relaxed-fit. Combine that with the high crew-neckline + extra-wide sleeves = perfection. The booties I'm wearing tie together the entire look, while giving the outfit a little bit of edge. They come in three colors, maroon with a black sole (velvet) , maroon with a brown sole (velvet) and black (leather). Charlie is obviously playing it cool in the perfect mini vest, hiding those suspenders underneath for our dinner date. 

    Things I can get behind: 

    1. Velvet booties 
    2. Sweaters that can take you from day to night
    3. Mini converse sneakers
    4. A good cuddle sesh 



    IMG_9048 (1).JPG



    One of my favorite things about fall is sweater weather. I don't mind spending some extra funds on a staple sweater I can live in all season long. When I saw the price tag on this sweater, I was shocked. The sweater is super soft, while sporting a chunky knit. It's the type of sweater you expect to see at the $50 - $100 range, but its only $19.99! The color I'm wearing is sold out online, but it is still available in stores. It also comes in a pretty mint color and black. It looks really nice paired with a long white button up thrown underneath, which will elongate the whole look. 

    I am a huge fan of all the camo going on this season. These are a cross between a wedge bootie and a sneaker. They are comfortable yet nice enough to wear from day to night. The booties come in nine different colors and are linked below along with the sweater! 

    Other things I can get behind:

    1. The uneven ripped jean hem
    2. The amount of crap the Uppa Baby stroller can fit 
    3. These sunglasses for $60  
    4. Fridays 
    IMG_9380 (1).JPG
    IMG_9381 (1).JPG



    I'll be the first to admit that casual wear has conquered my closet over the last two years. Now that I'm feeling like myself again and have that pre pregnancy body back (just in time to get pregnant again) I'm getting back into the dress and skirt game. Feeling cozy yet still looking put together is the balance I strive for as a new mom. This super soft rib pullover with subtle bell sleeves paired with this flirty velvet skirt accomplishes that polished look, yet comfortable feel. For a nicer night out try pairing the skirt with a silk top and a pair of OTK boots with a heel. 

    The skirt runs small, as you can see. 

    I had to throw in the last picture, such a classic mom moment. I remember the exact words going through my head, "I gave birth to you, don't you dare take off that hat." 

    IMG_9029 (2).JPG
    IMG_9036 (2).JPG
    IMG_9040 (1).JPG




    Yes, I'm obsessed. Ponchos can really pull together any outfit while looking effortless. They are my go to when I'm running out the door and crunched for time...which is pretty much everyday. This one is my favorite because not only is it reversible, but the color can be worn year round. So for a piece you can keep in your closet all year, this is your guy. It's also the PERFECT piece for a breastfeeding mama!

    I have been living in these booties for the last month. They are not only comfortable, but they go with everything and are on sale. For Charlie's look, I mean what is cuter than a button down cardigan on a one year old? That paired with Stan Smiths, he's going to be a heart breaker. 

    DSC_4536 (1).jpg